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Al Shafeh Chinese Acupuncture Hospital

Now there are solutions for muscular's pain and it's believe able. You can Join us and ask the expert Dr.Abdul Rashid Mirza(South Korea, China) for you unsolvable and painful muscular problums

hijama Center and Cupping Therapy in  Pakistan

hijama and Cupping Therapy in  Pakistan for the pain relief.We done treatments for back pain paralysis. knee pain, frozen shoulder all muscular pain solution.First time in Pakistan Dr Abdul Rashid Mirza completed his studies from south korea and chine treated his patients with expert experience more then 15 years specialist for back pain . paralysis . knee pain, frozen shoulder and all kind of muscular pain.

For more details check this Dr.Abdul Rashid Mirza

also you can contact us or visit us.

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What Our Patient's say

  • syed mushtaq hussain shah

    I'm Syed Mushtaq Hussain Shah(Principle Service Academy). I'm suffering back-pain for recent three years.I treated from dr.Abdul Rashid Mirza through acupuncture treatment and hijama cupping and I got prominent results. I personally prefer to meet Dr Abdul Rashid for your back-pain or any kind of muscular pain.

    Syed Mushtaq Hussain Shah, District Education Officer(R), DEO

  • Cupping

    i suffer from frozen shoulder and after treated by Dr.Abdul Rashid Mirza i feel 90 percent in just first week i'm completely satisfy.

    Adeel, ENT Department

  • patient two

    i have a back-pain after my first baby was born, i search on web and came here, after treated by Dr.Rashid i feel good and improvements are gradually day by day.

    leena, Skin Care